Our Purpose”

Our purpose at Agape Christian Community Church is to fulfill the mandate God gave His church through His son Jesus Christ. That is to preach, teach and pursue the Kingdom of God. The Word says in Matthew 6:33 that we are to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.”

The Kingdom is the government of a king. A Kingdom is a country where you become a citizen not a member. We believe we do not have to pursue anything material; it is already available to us in His Kingdom.

Our purpose is also to be an obedient Christian, obeying the Word of God and becoming a living example of holiness. Jesus already showed us the way and proved that we can walk the lifestyle out. 

Our purpose is to live up to the name that God gave us, Agape Christian Community Church.

Agape: Is called of God to cover, we cover a multitude of sins, this house will deal with a whole lot of people struggling, I Peter 4:8

Christian: We are people that will be willing to step out of their hurt to help someone else. This term Christian was given to a bunch of misfit folk. God sent persecution to make them move. All the power rankings were in Jerusalem, but He called the Antioch people Christian. 

Acts 11:19-26

Community: The Christians became a community of accountability. Our love and accountability will be tested. The saints had all things in common; they were a community of shared resources. They understood that love is not what you keep, it is what you give. The purpose of the community was to expose those who were talking about it and not living it. Acts 13 

We will learn that the thing we cannot control is what God is using to mold us.