Agape Christian Church International was organized in January 1994 as Agape Missionary Baptist Church. It was born out of Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, one of the oldest churches in Arizona. 

In December 1993, Pastor Anthony Moss’ resigned as Senior Pastor of Mount Calvary. The very next Sunday, Agape Church was organized at a worship service at the Holiday Inn on Palo Verde. The membership of over 150 people voted on the name ‘Agape,’ a Greek word meaning unconditional love, and began with a vision for future growth.  Our first priority was to continue community outreach ministry, and the feeding and homeless ministries were launched.  By the end of the year the Holy Spirit had convicted the pastor and members of the need to be non-denominational, in keeping with their love mission.   After a church vote, effective 12-15-94 the name was changed to Agape Christian Community Church.

The ministry’s second priority was to pursue plans to build a new edifice.  As a good friend of the church, Mr. Jim Click sold Agape Church 23 acres of land on Ajo Way.   Mr. Click believed in the Church’s vision and wanted to support the work.  Agape purchased the land for a discounted price through the help of a national church development organization.

Shortly after clearing the land for construction, Agape received information that the Pima County Board of Supervisors would condemn the property, legally declaring it imminent public domain for a new baseball stadium for spring training.  After contesting the condemnation for 18 months, the Church finally settled.  

Agape continued to worship at various locations throughout the city, about 30 in all, with continued growth of community impact ministries. This continued for years until 2003, when the Lord blessed Agape with a place of worship to call home – a former Catholic church campus, its current location.

Through the years, the Lord has enabled Agape to impact the local community through ministries to the homeless, prisoners, nursing homes, youth literacy programs, and citywide prayer for other churches and community events such as the annual Luis Palau evangelism conference .  

In 2005, Seeds of Hope was founded to expand our evangelism efforts beyond the United States.  Now called Seeds of the Heart, this ministry sent teams on missions trips to Mexico, Africa and India to connect with local pastors and support new ministries.   Seeds now provides pastoral training and support for church growth through Agape Churches in Kenya and India.   

Stateside, the Seeds of the Heart Mentoring Program for youth prepares students for life  and higher education.  Seeds of the Heart also provides assistance to refugees and asylum seekers  through its program, the Refugee Resource Center (RRC). In partnership with agencies and companies statewide, the RRC provides job preparation, internships, and educational instruction for elementary, high school and college instruction. 

Effective April 12, 2010, we changed our name to Agape Christian Church International.  At Agape, we understand as never before that we “can do all things through CHRIST, Who strengthens”  us,   and that “WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.”  Philippians 4:13, Matthew 19:26 NKJV

                                                           TO HIM BE THE GLORY.